TOEFLSection : Reading / Listening / Speaking / Writing / Voca
Level : Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
Achieving high Toefl scores by separating the students based on their 4 basic aspects of the English language. Through this they will learn the needed skills and know-hows on how to problem solve and analyze their mistakes.
About TOEFL : The TOEFL iBT® test measures your ability to use and understand English at the university level. And it evaluates how well you combine your reading, listening, speaking and writing skills to perform academic tasks.

TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 10,000 universities and other institutions worldwide, including universities in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., the United States, and across Europe and Asia. It is the English-language test most preferred by universities in the United States, France and Germany, and by graduate programs in Canada.
For more information, including using your scores to satisfy visa requirements in Australia and the U.K., how to find institutions that accept TOEFL scores, and more, see Who Accepts TOEFL Scores.

The TOEFL® Test Gives You an Advantage: Most Widely Accepted, Most Popular and Most Preferred

Give yourself the advantage with the TOEFL®test, the leading English-language test for study, immigration and work. TOEFL scores are accepted by more than 10,000 universities and other institutions in over 150 countries, including Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the U.K., the United States, and all across Europe and Asia. Stand out among other applicants and get noticed with the TOEFL test.
ACTSection : English / Reading / Math / Science / Writing (option)
Level : Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

About ACT : The ACT is a national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in:

English Mathematics Reading Science
The ACT with writing includes the four subject area tests plus a 40-minute writing test.

ACT results are accepted by all four-year colleges and universities in the US.

Following the science test you should expect to take a shorter, multiple-choice test covering one of the previous subject areas, Please try your best on these questions, because your participation can help shape the future of the ACT. The results of the fifth test will not be reflected on your reported scores.

The ACT is administered on seven test dates within the US, US territories, and Puerto Rico.

The basic registration fee includes score reports for up to four college choices, if you list valid codes when you register.

The ACT tests are prepared according to the:

Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing, American Educational Research Association, American Psychological Association, and National Council on Measurement in Education (1999).
Code of Professional Responsibilities in Educational Measurement, National Council on Measurement in Education (1995).
SATSection : Reading / Writing and Language
Math (No calculator/ Calculator) / Essay(Optional)
Level : Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
SAT Writing and Language
Masterting important grammars for SAT (punctuation/ parallel construction/ modifier/ agreements)- Practice time management- Analysis of context and main points in paragraphs
SAT Reading- Time management through repeated practice- Repeated practice on finding signal words, key words, and important sentences- Analysis of context and main points in pagraphs- Practice on finding key words in the questions.
About SAT : One of our biggest goals in changing the SAT was to make sure it’s highly relevant to your future success. The new test is more focused on the skills and knowledge at the heart of education. It measures:

What you learn in high school
What you need to succeed in college
If you think the key to a high score is memorizing words and facts you’ll never use in the real world, think again. You don’t have to discover secret tricks or cram the night before.

The same habits and choices that lead to success in school will help you get ready for the SAT. The best way to prepare for the test is to:

Take challenging courses.
Do your homework.
Prepare for tests and quizzes.
Ask and answer lots of questions.
AP CoursesTo help students prepare AP test, SDC offers variety of classes including the following subjects.

AP Statistics/ AP Art History/ AP Biology/ AP Chemistry/ AP Physics/ AP Calculus BC/ AP Chinese/ AP Government and Politics(US)/ AP Macro economics/ AP Micro economics/ AP Psychology/ AP US History/ AP World History
About AP : Each of the 38 exams has its own unique requirements; however, almost all the exams have several things in common:

Most exams are two to three hours long. Be prepared to tackle a challenging exam with limited breaks. Eat a good breakfast and, if you’re taking more than one exam on the same day, pack lunch and snacks to keep you going.
The first part of the exam usually consists of multiple-choice questions. You will choose one of four or five answer choices for each question and use a pencil to bubble in your choice on your AP answer sheet. Your total exam score on the multiple-choice section is based only on the number of questions answered correctly. You won’t receive or lose points for incorrect answers or unanswered questions.
The second part of the exam usually consists of free-response questions that require you to generate your own responses. Depending on the exam, your responses could be in the form of an essay, a solution to a problem, or a spoken response. In most cases, you’ll be writing your response in pen in the free-response exam booklet.
CLE CourseLevel: CLE I - Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
CLE II – Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Convergence of English(CLE) combines Listening, Speaking, Reading, Writing, Grammar, and Vocabulary into one program to provide students with the fundamentals of English.

Through repeated training by using videos, students could improve in listening and speaking of English in a short period.
TOT CourseTOT also known as Taste of Translation focuses on the 4 key aspects of the English language, Speaking, Listening, Writing, and Reading.

Through the use of videos where credited speakers give a speech, the students will be exposed to the 4 aspects repetitively.

Listening and Reading will be used simultaneously while the video is played during class.

Speaking and Writing will be used after the video for group discussions and debate with the teacher.
LiteratureLevel: Intro / Intermediate / Advanced

Intro to Literature
Students who are not used to the English language or reading in general will be introduced to basic level books. They will practice reading and shadowing with the teacher to focus on pronunciation while reviewing daily used vocab used in the book.

Through constant repetition of reading in class and as homework, students will be exposed to reading literature at a young age.

Intermediate Literature

Students who are familiar with reading books and the English language but still have a little difficulty in fully understanding the context.
The course will focus on commonly used expressions and vocab for the students to use in their daily lives. Students will start dissecting and analyzing difficult texts and paragraphs on their own to increase their skill in understanding.

Advanced Literature

Students who are comfortable with English will read books where Critical Thinking is absolutely necessary.
The books used in advanced literature will be filled with literary terms and will also focus on the 4 literary elements.
They will organize and analyze texts where figurative speeches are commonly used to further enhance their English level.
English - Journal & CompositionLevel: Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Through this course, the students will learn to think critically and express their idea through writing essays.

The breakdown of the courses into different levels will help students with their writing skill.

The students will also have a chance to read various types of journals which will help them improve their reading comprehension. Also, this course will prepare students for the TOEFL writing test.
PresentationLevel : Starter / Basic / Intermediate / Advanced

Mastery in presentation & speech
- Advance level in sentence structure
- Basics of Formal Speech

Mastery in article comprehension
- Grasp of English reading and structure
- Apprehension in critical thinking
General Science(SAT/ACT)This Course provides students with knowledge that includes understanding of natural systems. It includes Earth Science, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

Earth Science includes topics such as Earth in the universe, living things and their diversity, and the Earth's structure.

Topics covered in Physics and chemistry are the unity and diversity of matter, the structure of substances, matter and energy, and chemical changes. Biology is related to human body structure and living things.
Social Studies(SAT/ACT)This course includes a mix of fundamental concepts integral to the social studies.

Students will learn about various political, social, religious, and economic development that have shaped and continue to shape the world.

The students will also prepare for the AP US/World History and US/World History SAT Subject Tests.

The concepts explored in this course will continue to prepare and empower students to make choices as responsible participants in society.
ChineseTo help students improve practical Chinese language.

Students will be able to understand modern Chinese languages.

The biggest goal would be understanding Chinese and Chinese language habits.

Through this course, students will know how to say Chinese idioms under various circumstances

Preparing for AP Chinese test & HSK